caitlin cai white eightteen
asexual biromantic girlflux
aquarius she/they infp


kpop anime catboys emo bands dreampop scenecore cybercore


death societies social constructs


i do not use tw much since i avoid posting triggering topics but if you have something you need to have a tw or cw you can tell me also i rarely use /j /p etc. so if you want me to use them with you more you can tell me


honestly just dont be a horrible person also proshippers stating you separately so you know youre a horrible person XD


LOONA hyunjin NCT winwin
RED VELVET joy TXT beomgyu


yuri on ice love live sunshine ouran school host club jojos bizarre adventure cells at work paradise kiss the way of the house husband sk8 the infinity soul eater


hanamaru kunikida eosinophil yukari hayasaka barbara kokomi pannacotta fugo diluc thoma


pannacotta fugo and fischl (i dont take this too seriously)


genshin impact stardew valley cookie run fortnite roblox


loona 8485 alex sloane idkhow panchiko pinkpantheress


i go by several names and whichever is my display name is the one i prefer at the time but you can call me any of the following whichever you remember-; caitlin
-; cai
-; sea
-; sapphire
-; meowth
-; mango
if i ever seem to go missing it’s because i am on my private twitter which you can follow idcif im missing for over a month i deleted the appi make fun of my interests so bad so if you see a hate tweet from me on main it’s me bullying myself if i genuinely hated something i would make fun of it elsewherei do not think at all so if i say something stupid or weird tell me so i can reassess myselfi mainly talk about loona jojos bizarre adventure and genshin impact so if you don’t want to see that then ignore mei make indirect tweets but it’s never about my followers it’s always someone i know from some other app or in personthis is like a diary for me where i do tweet more about myself than my interests actually so if you don’t want to see every thought i have don’t followi identify as girlflux the shortest way possible without technical terms i can explain this is i feel female to no gender at different levels never male and i will refer to myself as a woman and girl and other terms like that and you can too